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This page is for people with expertise in, or a particular interest in, reducing cyber attacks globally.

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19. The UN shall declare cyberspace a peaceful commons and create a binding treaty for international cyber norms.
20. Manufacturers of ICT hardware and software shall be liable for negligent security failures that cause harm.


Each of the proposals above has its own page on the Project Save the World wiki. Our intention is that people will volunteer to use the wiki for an essay on how the proposal can be put into action, what changes may need to be introduced, and so on.

At present the wiki is open to all users; that is, no login is necessary. (This policy may change depending on the level of spam and/or trolling we may receive).

If you are interested in being a contributor, please visit and select your preferred proposal from the frontpage menu.

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  1. Submitted by David Harries

    Cyber attacks: what might be called for

    #19. An independent PoC for global cyber norms will recognize that the UN can ‘declare’, but is unlikely ever to be able to ‘bind’ states on cyberspace issues.
    #20. A legally-empowered ‘office’[1] will globally monitor ICT designers and producers for compliance with practices promoting high standards of hardware and software security and publicize acts of negligence.

    [1] An unsuccessful Proposal made for the 30/31 May conference was the establishment of a UN Technology Office.

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