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Platform for Survival items

13. All states shall accelerate SDG5 efforts to end poverty and enable all to obtain food and potable water.
14. All states shall support improvements of soil health for resilient food production and carbon sequestration.


Each of the proposals above has its own page on the Project Save the World wiki. Our intention is that people will volunteer to use the wiki for an essay on how the proposal can be put into action, what changes may need to be introduced, and so on.

At present the wiki is open to all users; that is, no login is necessary. (This policy may change depending on the level of spam and/or trolling we may receive).

If you are interested in being a contributor, please visit http://wiki.tosavetheworld.ca and select your preferred proposal from the frontpage menu.



  1. Submitted by David Harries

    Famine: what might be called for

    #13. Decisions on what to accelerate will reflect the globally dynamic and diverse circumstances; including security, of food and water.
    #14. Best practices will reflect states’ varied ability to design and deploy (locally) appropriate standards.

  2. Submitted by Peter Hajnal:

    An additional item about not using food supplies for hostile purposes, particularly against civilians?

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