Imagine that a billion people around the world adopt the same list of 25 policies for solving humankind’s six worst threats. Wow! There is power in numbers. That would be one powerful document! Every leader in the world would pay attention.


How would we pick the 25 best policy proposals? And how could we get a billion (or maybe even ten) people to accept such a list? We might:

(a) collect suggestions from anyone in the world;
(b) discuss them online for months;
(c) hold a meeting where experts would give their best advice;
(d) break into groups to discuss each global threat and choose the solutions;
(e) reassemble in a plenary session to adopt the whole list.

The “How to Save the World in a Hurry” Conference

We did that in May 2018 at the two-day “How to Save the World in a Hurry” conference at the University of Toronto. Our chosen list of 25 policies — the “Platform for Survival” — was adopted by consensus.

Can most other people accept it?

Why not test yourself? On a sheet of paper, write down your opinion of each plank: Would you: Approve/ Not object/ Disapprove? Probably you’ve never considered certain planks before, so unless you expect it to be harmful, please choose “no objection.”

How many of these 25 proposals did you disapprove? If more than five, you shouldn’t endorse the Platform for Survival. Otherwise, please do so.

Most people endorse several planks and accept most of the others, so the list seems to be generally accepted by consensus — though we cannot be sure of that until lots of people around the world have been invited to sign the list.

Let’s ask them! It doesn’t cost anything or require anything more of us. We’re not forming a new organization or political campaign. (There are enough excellent ones already.) Project Save the World is just a website to enable you to identify others around the world whose objectives are compatible with yours. Having done so, you may want to compare ideas. If so, we invite you to use this website, Peace Magazine, and our No-Agenda Chats.

Why not ask your own civil society organization whether it has taken a position on these proposals?

Maybe your club, yoga class, or business firm will also endorse the Platform. Who knows? It may even be easy to get a world-wide consensus if we ask. But don’t change or delete a single word of the Platform! We all have to promote the same exact document to make this succeed.

Indeed, your group may decide to adopt the Platform as its core document. And why not? Millions of groups can promote the same policies without losing their own distinct identities. And groups that adopt a common platform will each gain from the power of numbers. This is how we can create worldwide political will. Maybe we can save the world from six of the most dangerous threats.

Let’s do it!

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