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The State of Nuclear Energy

[Kaeleigh Phillips] Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University’s Department of Engineering and Public Policy have released a report detailing nuclear power’s dwindling significance in the US, stating that it is unlikely to make any noteworthy contributions to the country’s decarbonised energy system over the next few decades. Read more,,,

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With hacking of US utilities, Russia could move from cyberespionage toward cyberwar

[Cilluffo and Cardash,] The distinction between exploiting weaknesses to gather information – also known as “intelligence preparation of the battlefield” – and using those vulnerabilities to actually do damage is impossibly thin and depends on the intent of the people doing it. Intentions are notoriously difficult to figure out. In global cyberspace they may change depending on world events and international relations. The dangers – to the people of the U.S. and other countries both allied and opposed – underscore the importance of international agreement on what constitutes an act of war in cyberspace and the need for clear rules of engagement. Read more,,,

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Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL)

[Gordon Edwards] Just before the last federal election, the Harper government turned over control of all federal nuclear holdings to a consortium of private, profit-oriented, multinational corporations. The staff of the government-owned Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) went from 3600 to 40. A new corporation, called Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) was created as a wholly-owned subsidiary of AECL, and then turned over completely to be owned and operated by the consortium, most of whose people are not Canadians. Read more,,,

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Uranium mining fuels a deadly and dying industry

[Juan Carlos Chirgwin] Globally, nuclear energy plays a minor role in terms of energy contribution, not because it is insufficiently exploited but because it is not financially viable. Germany has abandoned it, and France, a nuclear energy champion, barely avoids financial disaster to run its network. Nuclear energy is not the clean energy we seek nor the answer to global warming: to build the infrastructure for a world nuclear system would demand burning fossil fuels in the magnitude that defeats the purpose of halting rising temperatures. Read more,,,

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