A prototype “Platform for Survival” outline

By Metta Spencer August 13, 2017 (The final real one may barely resemble this.)

Humankind’s future is at serious risk from six main sources: Global Warming; Wars and Weapons; Pandemics;  Famines; Massive Radiation Exposure; and Cyber Attacks. In order to vastly reduce the likelihood of these disasters, we the people of this planet demand prompt compliance with all the following preventive measures.

  1. The UN shall establish an agency for safe disposal of greenhouse gas refrigerator coolants.
  2. The UN shall establish an agency for professional forest management and plant X billion trees.
  3. All states shall ensure full female access to education and access to family planning.
  4. The FAO shall promote and fund expansion of “climate smart agriculture,” including biochar.
  5. All national armed forces shall be reduced by at least 80%, including equipment emitting CO2 .
  6. The UN shall create a parliamentary assembly which can override any Security Council veto.
  7. A ready UN Peace Force shall be created and deployed to any area where war seems likely.
  8. The World Bank, IMF, and WTO shall be held more accountable, responsive to human needs.
  9. All states shall sign, ratify, and within a decade reach full compliance with the Treaty Prohibiting Nuclear Weapons.
  10. Until disarmament is achieved, all nuclear weapons states shall immediately de-alert nuclear weapons and commit to a policy of no-first use.
  11. The UN shall protect the human rights of all people and send peacekeepers and mediators wherever assistance is required to resolve conflicts.
  12. NATO and other military alliances shall immediately and verifiably abandon any policy to use nuclear weapons.
  13. A significant Tobin tax shall be collected for the UN to spend on programs prescribed herein.
  14. All UN agencies and large corporations shall appoint 10% of their directors from NGO organizations affiliated to the UN’s Economic and Social Council.
  15. All states shall develop programs to offer a subsistence-level basic income to all their citizens, to be funded mainly from significant taxation of wealth.
  16. The WHO shall create and fund an extensive, worldwide early-warning system to diagnose, isolate, and treat patients with diseases that could become pandemics.
  17. All states shall donate 60% of their savings from military cutbacks to UN’s agencies.
  18. All states with above-average GDP shall publicly fund research and development of vaccines, new antibiotics and other treatments for resistant microbes.
  19. All states shall undergo and publicize the results of an IAEA safety review of existing and planned nuclear reactors.
  20. All Internet companies and states shall expand law enforcement efforts over cyber crime.
  21. The UN shall convene meetings to negotiate and fulfill a treaty prohibiting cyber attacks.
  22. All states shall adopt decentralization plans for their electricity grids to inhibit cyber war.
  23. All states shall enable NGOs and specialists to expose Internet disinformation campaigns.
  24. All devices controlled through the Internet shall be designed to obviate destructive hacking.