Survey July 2018

In 1145 AD, a stone mason is at work in Chartres, France. A visitor asks him what he is doing.
“I am shaping a piece of granite,” he answers.
The visitor walks on and, seeing another mason at work, asks what he is doing.
“I am building a cathedral,” he answers.

* * *

I am saving the world. What are YOU doing?

If you’re just chipping away at a stone, you need a plan and some co-workers. You need:


We’re saving it from:

  • War and Weapons (especially nuclear)
  • Global Warming
  • Famine
  • Pandemics
  • Massive Radiation Exposure
  • Cyber Attacks.

So, please:

1: Read the game plan below. (scroll down)
2. Pick something to work on
3. Answer the following four questions:

4. Hit “Submit.”
5. Stay in touch via our website: and Twitter @tosaveworld2018

Metta Spencer

Game Plan (So far):

Phase I

This initial phase of the project was completed when we held a successful forum “How to Save the World in a Hurry” on May 30 and 31. There we chose a list of 25 public policies that can, together, reduce the risk of all six global threats: our “Platform for Survival.” Please read it now at . Sign if if you are ready to do so and encourage others to sign too.

Phase II

We need to study each “plank” in the Platform for Survival and be able to discuss it with others, so please:

1. Choose one or more the six global threats, or the economic and political reforms that we call “enabling measures.”
2. Study “your” global issue thoughtfully by:
a) watching the relevant videos from the Monday video discussions “Talk about Saving the World;”
b) Reading articles and books;
c) Reading the “wiki” essays that our teams will be developing online until Jan 1st to explain each “plank.”
d) Sharing the information with your friends and family. Bring up the subject at least once a day.
3. Participate in the discussions by reading and adding to the comments column in the page of your issue.
4. Notice the page called “intersections,“ which shows how each of the six global threats affects the others.
5. Discuss “Project Save the World” in some of the following ways:
a) attending a “meetup” dinner in a Toronto restaurant if it is convenient for you;
(The next one is at the Sky Dragon Restaurant on Tuesday July 24 at 7 pm. It is on the top floor of a mall at 280 Spadina Avenue, at the SW corner of Dundas in Toronto. Dinner is $40, including tax and tip. Let me know if you’re coming by emailing me at However, many of our partners live far away and can connect with us only with digital means. )
b) joining a monthly videoconference discussion on Zoom;
(The next one is Sunday, July 29 from 8 to 9 pm. Just set up your webcam and enter this link; That will launch the installer for the Zoom app and immediately take you straight to our screens.)
c) reading Peace Magazine (the paper edition or the online version at
d) watching the live-streamed video discussions every Monday evening from 8 to 9 pm Eastern Time.
(On Peace Magazine’s Facebook page — or watch later at: )

Phase III

By January 1, our online wiki essays should be “ready for prime time,” and we will hold a Zoom discussion with partners everywhere about future steps. The key aspect of Phase III probably will be a campaign to obtain signatures from:
a) academic and professional experts who will jointly address the problems in the “intersection” of their particular threats; and
b) NGO organizations, who can all benefit from adopting the Platform as a common agenda for future action. When the Platform has a sufficient number of supporters, we can begin pressuring global institutions to act upon our demands.

Thanks for saving the world!
Metta Spencer