Advisers and Partners

Rob Acheson
Science for Peace | nuclear weapons
Neil Arya
Physicians for Global Survival | health in war
John Bacher
Chairman, Sierra Club, Ontario Chapter | forestry
Jean de Dieu Basabose
Peace worker, Kigali, Rwanda | peacebuilding
Pieter Basedow
Science for Peace | climate change, bees
Volker Beck
Psychology professor, University of Darmstadt, Germany | peacekeeping
Barbara Birkett
Physicians for Global Survival | nuclear weapons
Robin Collins
Group of 78, Pugwash, World Federalists | nuclear weapons, sustainable common security
David D’Silva
BitcoinNorth | Police and Defence supported energy blockchain-based rise of a moral sentient robotic machine learning
Nivedita Das Kundu
York University, Organization for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons| chemical weapons abolition
Dale Dewar
Physicians for Global Survival | radiation effects on the body
Timothy Donais
Wilfrid Laurier University Global Studies chair | security sector reform
Walter Dorn
Canadian Forces College | peacekeeping
Michel Duguay
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Laval | drones
Arent Greve
Professor emeritus of organization theory, Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen | plastics in ocean
David Harries
World Academy of Art and Science, Proteus Canada Institute; Pugwash | strategic foresight
Danny Harvey
Professor of Geography, University of Toronto | global warming
Lloyd Helferty
agricultural technologist | climate smart food
Matthew Hoffman
Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto | global governance of climate change
Rhoda Howard-Hassmann
Retired Professor of Global Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University | famine deliberately caused by states
Erin Hunt
Mines Action Canada | landmines
Cesar Jaramillo
Director, Project Ploughshares | war and weapons
Vinay Jindal
Physicians for Global Survival | pandemics
Ignat Kalinin
Gazeta Russia | Russian war and weapons
Joy Kennedy
Canadian Council of Churches | financing a sustainable future
John Kirton
Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto | climate change
Mustafa Koc
Professor of Sociology, Ryerson University | Food security, famine, climate change
Paul Kushner
Professor of Physics, University of Toronto | arctic sea ice
Sam Lanfranco
Retired Professor of Economics, York University and ICANN | cyber governance
Peter Langille
Director, Global Common Security | Sustainable common security, UN Emergency Peace Service
Evan Leibovitch
Director of Community Relations at Linux Professional Institute | cyber security
Brennain Lloyd
Northwatch | radioactive waste management
Jon Love
Project Drawdown, Pachamama | Environmental Sustainability, Social Justice, Spiritual Fulfillment, global warming
Michael Marien
Security and Sustainabillty Guide | enabling measures
Ralph Martin
Professor of Plant Agriculture, University of Guelph | food security
Gordon McBean
President, International Council for Science (ICSU) | warming oceans
Peter Meincke
Retired president, University of Prince Edward Island, Club of Rome, Pugwash | sustainability
Paul Meyer
Pugwash; former Canadian ambassador for disarmament | cyber security
Beatrice Olivastri
Friends of the Earth | global warming
Sorpong Peou
Professor of Political Science, Ryerson University, President, Science for Peace |
Thomas Ponniah
Rockefeller Centre for Latin American Studies | globalization and the global imagination; participatory budget process of Porto Alegre, Brazil
Phillip Rawkins
Rawkins International Associates | Development
Satya Robinson
Pachamama | environmental sustainability, social justice, spiritual fulfillment, global warming
Douglas Roche
Retired Canadian senator, Ambassador for Disarmament | nuclear weapons
Ronald St. John
Epidemiologist; former Director General of Centre for Emergency Preparedness, Ottawa | public health, epidemics
Joanna Santa Barbara
Chair of New Zealand movement, “Our Climate Declaration” | global warming
Doug Saunders
International Affairs columnist, Globe and Mail | international cooperation
Beth Savan
Senior Lecturer (Emeritus), School of the Environment; Senior Fellow, Massey College | Climate justice, sustainability
Sandy Smith
Professor of Forestry, University of Toronto | forest health
Metta Spencer
Retired Professor of Sociology, University of Toronto; Science for Peace; Peace Magazine |
Steven Staples
York U, environmental labor relations | campaign organizing skills
Irvin Studin
Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto; Russia and Ukraine | international relations
Olivia Ward
Former Toronto Star journalist; filmmaker |
Fergus Watt
Director, Canadian branch of the World Federalists | global governance, UN reform
Melissa Williams
Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto | democracy

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