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Genevieve Langille

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Climate Strike Canada is a national network of Canadian students that organizes protests to demand climate action. This is the link to their website: Climate Strike Canada where you can find their demands.

The students in Canada are inspired by the numerous First Nations, Métis, and Inuit climate activists who have been voicing their concerns for much longer. The Climate Strike Canada movement is based around the Fridays For Future movement started by Greta Thunberg, the sixteen year old from Sweden, who was nominated for a Nobel prize for her work protesting international inaction on the current climate crisis. Other chapters of climate protest networks exist in almost every country in the world and they can be found through

Students and citizens are mobilizing across the world to demand systematic change that deals with the imminence of the climate crisis and to demand politicians ratify policies that effect real change. They believe this is their only hope for a future.

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Author: Richard Paul

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Genevieve Langille

The next global climate strike will be April 3, 2020.

John Postman

Keep us posted on where to go to participate. I think there are some smaller vigils that also take place at the provincial legislatures on Fridays, no?

Brett Jamison

To people in Australia, global warming is not a distant possibility. Their homes and grasslands are being consumed by wildfires. Still, politicians don’t necessarily make the connection. Therefore, in Sydney and Melbourne, the children skipping school for climate are telling the nation’s leaders how to act grown-up.

A teenager whose family home burned down in the New South Wales bushfires has delivered a message to Scott Morrison at a climate emergency protest outside the Liberal party headquarters, saying: “your thoughts and prayers are not enough”.

Genevieve Langille

That’s a great example of a reason to strike for climate action!

Debra Mamorsky

It’s just unacceptable’: Youth suing Ontario government over climate change CBC Kids News. Published Nov. 27, 2019 Sophia Mathur is taking her climate fight to the next level. The 12-year-old from Sudbury, Ont., who was recognized earlier this year for being the first Canadian kid to skip school and strike for the climate, is challenging the Ontario government to do more. She’s part of a group of young people who are suing Premier Doug Ford’s government for not going far enough to fight climate change. “Doug Ford is not doing enough to protect our future and it’s just unacceptable,” Sophia… Read more »

climate kids.png
Jeffrey Marcon

I noticed that Vladimir Putin was asked what he thought of Greta Thunberg. He said he was “not enthusiastic.” His explanation was that she, and other naive kids, were not “realistic.”
Absurd! Realists look at what is happening around them and what scientists say will inevitably happen unless we make radical changes. It’s in Russia where the most permafrost is melting.
These kids are the true realists.

Marlys Maher

Climate strikers protest mass consumerism on Black Friday By CBC Kids News Nov. 28, 2019 Climate strikes were held around the world on Nov. 29 Once again, thousands of young people across Canada skipped school to take part in climate strikes today, but they did so in front of a slightly different backdrop. Today’s strike fell on the same day that thousands of shoppers were cashing in on big savings through Black Friday events. “So many people go shopping,” said Kaya Mckergow, 13, from Halifax. “It takes a lot of fuel to import the clothing and everybody in their car.… Read more »

Black friday.png