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Marbleseed Organic Farming Conference 2024
Date(s) - 22/02/2024 - 24/02/2024
9:00 am - 6:30 pm

La Crosse Center
300 Harborview Plaza
La Crosse,

WI 54601

United States


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The Marbleseed (formerly MOSES) Organic Farming Conference is widely known as the largest organic farming conference in the United States. Every year regenerative and organic farmers from a wide range of farm sizes, experiences, and backgrounds gather to learn the latest in organic farming methods, build community, and shape the future of the organic farming movement.

Whether you’re certified organic, using organic practices on your regenerative farm, or considering the switch to organic, you’ll find the people, partners, and skill-building opportunities to help your farm business thrive. Marbleseed’s Organic Farming Conference features inspiring speakers, educational workshops, Organic Universities, farmer summits, and farmer panels. The Marbleseed Conference offers knowledge for all experiences from organic and sustainable farmers, homesteaders, food policy advocates and more. Dozens of transformative, skill-building workshops, interactive sessions, and facilitated sessions covering business management, soil health, and production are crafted to advance resilient organic farms and regenerative food systems.

Keynote: Waste is Not Waste Until We Waste It

Friday, February 23, 9 – 11 a.m.

From time, physical labor, to hides and misshapen veggies, this year’s general session will focus on things we waste. The speakers have used imagination and entrepreneurship to reframe waste as an opportunity that benefits the planet and small- to medium-scale farms. Their stories show the ingenuity of problem-solving within human-scale systems based on values of climate healing, work-life balance, and truly honoring the land, animals, and humans that make up our food and farming systems.

Anna Hammond, Matriark Foods

Anna Hammond is the founder of Matriark Foods, a circular economy food business working to solve the dire effects of wasted food while supporting human scale farms. Matriark upcycles farm surplus and vegetable trim from fresh-cut facilities into healthy products for food service: schools, hospitals, corporate cafeterias, food banks—simultaneously diverting waste from landfills while creating greater access to healthy food.

Ben Hartman, Farmer and Author

Ben and his wife, Rachel Hershberger, own and operate Clay Bottom Farm in Goshen, Indiana, where they make their living growing and selling specialty crops on less than one acre. Clay Bottom Farm, recognized for lean production, practices kaizen, or continuous improvement, cutting out waste—of time, labor, space, money, and more—every year and aligning their organic production tightly with customer demand. Ben has authored three books.

Jim Kleinschmit, Other Half Processing

Jim is CEO and co-founder of Other Half Processing SBC, producer of identity-preserved byproducts from the “other half” of regenerative, organic, and other more sustainably raised livestock. Other Half Processing’s mission is to create high value and highquality products in ways that are ethical and respectful to the animal and support regenerative farmers, ranchers and agricultural systems. Other Half Processing’s goal is whole animal valuation and zero waste.

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