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EU Cyber Security Resilience Act conference
Date(s) - 11/03/2024 - 13/03/2024
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Brussels Marriott Hotel Grand Place
Rue Auguste Orts,
Grand Pl 3-7 Brussels,



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Join the Global Forum on the Changing Future of Cross-Border Certification

In the past seven years, the European Union has made landmark efforts to bolster defenses against cyber-attacks and improve product security. The EU Cybersecurity Act (CSA), under development since 2018, is creating an extensive independent European body of cybersecurity regulation as part of the “single digital market” goal. The more recent Cyber Security Resilience Act (CRA) targets a broad swath of consumer products including IoT, cloud, communications, payments, automotive, and more. Product developers will be required to protect their systems and networks from cyber threats, and report significant security incidents. A certification scheme is coming—outlines of the program will become clear over the next 2 years.

These mandates have produced wide-ranging effects on the international standards community, and developers of ICT products and services worldwide will bear a considerable burden under forthcoming certification requirements. But certification will also provide reassurance to consumers that their data is being protected, and increase trust in the global digital economy. Now is the time to begin planning for and participating in ongoing changes.


EU requirements will affect the ICT product community beyond the EU, for good and for bad. For sixth year, the International Conference on the EU Cyber Security and Resilience Acts will bring together product developers and the standards community from 27 countries to prepare for the coming evolution of risk-based frameworks that will address market fragmentation across borders. Topics include 5G Standards, IoT Schemes, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Automation Control Systems (IACS), ETSI EN 303645, CEN/CENELEC JTC13 WG3, EUCC, Union Rolling Work Programme (URWP), NIS Directive, Cloud Standards, Lightweight Standards, IACS, SESIP, Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL), and Global Platform. Both the CSA and CRA will change the digital landscape over the next several years. Register for the EU Cyber Acts Conference today and prepare for what’s to come.

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