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Welcome to Global Projects!

Saving the world involves solving one problem at a time —
and there are enough problems to go around.  Pick one!

Below you will find a list of projects or campaigns that aim to accomplish an important specific, measurable goal. Click on one that interests you, and you’ll find an introduction to the plan, the name of a contact person, possibly a list of some other groups working on the same issue, and a column for comments and discussions. Do join a conversation and share the work.

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For those of you following Stop Nuclear Contamination, this is a fascinating interview – from Radio Canada International in 2010 – by Dr. Gordon Edwards on the risks of forest fires in areas with radioactive materials and/or environmental radioactive contamination. If you have ten minutes to spare, please take a listen to it.


You could add: the Global Campaign on Military Spending
and: Global Campaign for Peace Education.

Hi, Colin. Great to hear from you! Send me your email address and phone number, since I’d love to chat. And yes, I want to add those campaigns. Can you suggest the right person to contact about each one? I need to make sure someone knows I am doing it and will agree to be the contact person. Thanks!

Hi Metta.
GCOMS: Contact Quique Sanchez: or Jordi Calvo:
GCPE: Tony Jenkins:
All the best!