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October 2nd 2019 : Gandhi 150th and the Jai Jagat Campaign
Written by Jill Carr-Harris

What is the Jai Jagat?

Jai Jagat means: Victory to All. No one is a winner and no one is a loser. It refers to a common human destiny. For that, people have to peacefully coexist with themselves and other living beings on this planet, recognizing that co-existence is the very condition for human survival “The planet for all people and All people for the planet”gives meaning to the ‘what is Jai Jagat’.

These were words spoken in the 1950s by a sage called Vinoba Bhave, one of the followers of Mahatma Gandhi in India. These words have gotten lost in India, in the

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Author: Richard Paul

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John Postman

I think the marchers must have left India by now, Feb. 1. But we haven’t heard from them in a while. I hope someone will post an update here on how it is going.

J T. Nowina

Interesting proposal — to hold a two-day meeting at “LO Headquarters during the Jai Jagat 2020 Geneva Forum (possibly September 29th and 30th) in collaboration with the UN Task Force on Social Solidarity Economy.” What are the plans for that? September is several months away, but you must have already been in touch with people in the Geneva office of the UN if you want to work with that task force. Who is involved? Are you promoting some kind of socialism? I never considered Gandhi a socialist, but I wonder what he would be today if he were still with… Read more »

Fran Addams

Is there any way to apply to join the march while it is going on? You have already been walking around India for two months. I guess people come and go, but can anyone still apply for about a two-week adventure with you?

Marge Webber Pollard

You say that Geneva, Switzerland is supporting this march and will host the marchers? That is amazing. The Swiss are very tight-laced people. They don’t go in for mass meetings. They are proud to host the United Nations and all kinds of dignified diplomats, but I can’t see them providing billets to people who have been on the road for a year and who will inevitably look a bit shabby when they arrive. Let us know how it goes! Good luck.

George Parsons

That’s a long way to march! I have been in a few protest demonstrations but probably they are quite different from the Gandhian type of cross-country march. How do you handle the logistics for such a long march, all the way from India to Switzerland? Do you have trucks carrying your supplies and a portable toilet or what? Where do you sleep at night? What if it rains?