334 US Nuclear Negotiations

Gary Samore was “WMD Czar” for Obama; Tariq Rauf works at IAEA in Vienna. They discuss nuclear subs, a post-START treaty, Iran, and North Korean nukes.


• Gary Samore

• Tariq Rauf


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Gary Shamore gives a US state department/administration point of view, mentioning how “we” can’t trust Russia on its treaty commitments, but overlooks the pertinent fact that the US is surrounding the borders of Russia with its military bases and so-called defensive(?) antiballistic missile weaponry. Also its arming of Ukraine and the Baltic nations. This is particularly relevent with respect to the INF “treaty” considerations. How about the promise not to extend the borders of NATO states? How about the US refusal to consider the UN charter regarding war (in Iraq, former Yugoslavia, Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan,… ? Just who can be trusted to stop the destruction of states and the murder of civilian populations? Russia has a far better record here, as does China. Similt considerations enter with respect to China; it does not have warships plying the waters of US coasts
A somewhat informative, but also disappointing discussion.

What About Accident Launch of Nuclear Weapons?

Samore is awfully confident that the countries possessing nuclear weapons will not use them (again). It is true that they would be crazy to do so, but there are crazy people in the world, and some of them occasionally gain power. And even if Samore is right, we know that there are accidents and false alarms that could lead a country to launch a retaliatory stroke in error. He treats disarmament as a long-term goal. It should be an urgent matter.

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