YouTube Channel​ — Project Save the World usually produces two or three new forums each week. These start as live YouTube productions in which viewers can even engage with the guest speakers – albeit indirectly. Anyone who is watching can type in a question. Our assistant is watching and will join us on Zoom to ask it if he or she thinks it worth the interruption.
The usual time of day to catch a live forum is 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm Eastern (Toronto) time. On Wednesdays we usually produce conversations among scientists about chilling the Arctic with innovative proposed technologies. We usually produce forums about other serious global issues on Thursdays

After each forum ends, we edit the recording and upload it to our YouTube channel (where it remains permanently available) and to this website. Watch the scroll bar on the home page for new listings. If you click on an episode there, you can also choose to listen to it as an audio podcast or read the transcript and comment on it in a “Discuss Dangers” column. If you enjoy our programming, please subscribe; we will notify you about every new forum.

Sometimes we also show on our channel a video made by another organization that is affiliated to us and that addresses one or more of the six global threats or three policy issues (governance, economy, or civil society) that we cover. You’ll find those videos on the YouTube channel as a playlist called “Affiliate Hosts.”

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We produce several one-hour-long Zoom conversations each week about various aspects of six issues we address. You can watch them live and send a question to the speakers or watch the edited version later here or on our Youtube channel.