345 The World in September 2021

In this Global Town Hall we discuss cloud brightening, comparative health care systems, farms in India, a campaign against nuclear weapons and climate change.

Panelists include: 

• Stephen Salter

• Pauline Rosenau

• Alyn Ware

• Charles David Tauber




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Here is the chat transcript from the September 2021 Global Town Hall: 

14:24:03 From  Adam Wynne  to  Everyone:
15:38:51 From  Alyn Ware  to  Everyone:
	here is link to report on the UN High Level event https://www.unfoldzero.org/young-climate-activists-invited-to-address-un-high-level-meeting-on-nuclear-disarmament/
15:39:49 From  Alyn Ware  to  Everyone:
	and here is an appeal you can sign https://www.unfoldzero.org/protect-people-and-the-planet-appeal-for-a-nuclear-weapon-free-world/
15:47:06 From  Jean-Paul  to  Everyone:
	Can the Term --- Eco-Insecurity be term by which both can be woven. We can no longer trust the environment -- because of climate because of nuclear
15:47:25 From  Jean-Paul  to  Everyone:
15:50:12 From  robertread  to  Everyone:
15:51:33 From  Alyn Ware  to  Everyone:
	Here is the link to the global database of climate litigation cases http://climatecasechart.com/climate-change-litigation/
15:52:50 From  robertread  to  Everyone:
	Thursday Sept 30/21 at 11:00 AM Eastern time
15:53:38 From  Alyn Ware  to  Everyone:
	my email is alyn@pnnd.org if anyone wants to contact me on questions or follow-up to the initiatives i mentioned
15:59:08 From  Davidson Akhonya - KENYA  to  Everyone:
	Davidson here President of a Rotary club  in Kenya. My email is elgon.peace@gmail.com
15:59:20 From  wendy Mc Kenzie  to  Everyone:
	Thank you

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