365 Global Town Hall October 2021


Episode 365 Robert Read, Rose Dyson, Dale Dewar, Ayah, Richard Denton, and Alan Haber are among the many people who attended our monthly global town hall. We discussed Anti-vax ideas, plastic waste (including a new method of disposal by bacteria), the change of Ryerson University’s name, and the new attempt to reduce fossil fuel investments. Everyone is invited to post comments and articles on the comments column of our website, where each talk show has its own page. See https://tosavetheworld.ca/364-global-town-hall-october-2021/


  • Rose Dyson
  • Ayah (for Senator Ataullahjan)
  • Alan Haber
  •  Robert Read
  • Richard Denton




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Please find below the chat from the October 2021 Global Town Hall:

14:04:04	 From Charles David Tauber : Hi, because of the time change, I only can stay until 25 after today. That will be better in coming months when Canada changes back.
14:09:29	 From David Millar : For everyone, in answer to Rose Dyson’s query. This news items includes a link to the review by indigenous scholars of Ryerson’s role in founding residential schools. https://www.universityaffairs.ca/opinion/in-my-opinion/ryersons-reputational-crisis-what-to-do-about-its-namesake-and-his-legacy/
14:12:59	 From David Millar : Bill S-2: An Act to amend the Chemical Weapons Convention Implementation Act https://www.justice.gc.ca/eng/csj-sjc/pl/charter-charte/s2.html
14:22:25	 From David Millar : Sakraov Prizes to both https://www.utoronto.ca/news/u-t-s-john-polanyi-recognized-anti-nuclear-weapons-activism-upholding-human-rights and https://multimedia.europarl.europa.eu/en/sakharov-prize-2021_20502_pk
14:29:12	 From Charles David Tauber : www.cwwpp.org
14:43:08	 From Dale Dewar : On the subject of disinformation, I find John Oliver https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5jtFqWq5iU  and on the science:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWV0XIn-rvY
14:52:01	 From Ayah (Senator Ataullahjan) : I would like your thoughts on the following article
"Governments should use the notwithstanding clause in the Charter to overcome questions about whether these mandates infringe certain Charter rights and freedoms. The imposition of drastic, extraordinary measures that a government believes are demanded by the common good is precisely the sort of rare scenario that the notwithstanding clause is meant to handle."
15:04:12	 From Ayah (Senator Ataullahjan) : Turkey uses cluster munitions
15:10:00	 From Dale Dewar : Just read Ayah’s article. I’m a physician. To me, as far as we know the covid virus is still throughout the population. “Herd immunity” probably doesn’t exist for the coronavirus as it doesn’t exist for the common cold - nor does long term vaccine immunity. The difference between the common cold and coronavirus is that the latter can kill. Think if we were dealing with Ebola - how would public health rate?
15:11:30	 From Dale Dewar : I think that we should give the measures that we know work at least a try. If we have to do something else, then we will.
15:11:54	 From Rose Dyson : Ayah I have not read through this link in total but first, is the not withstandingclause being considered as a way of getting around the charter rights arguments re: mandatory vaccination. It occurs to me that mandatory vaccinations against a host of communicable diseases most of us as children received predate the adoption of the Charter. Some now argue we may have ended up with too much freedom... Ideally rights go hand in hand with responsibilities.
15:28:40	 From pauline : 1 Jul 2021 an article in SCIENCE by Warren Cornwall titled "The Plastic Eaters: Bacterial enzymes can digest some plastic waste. Scientists want to harness them for recycling"  The author is a journalist, not a scientist, but he does a great job summarizing the many students and the ongoing research on this topic. I'd love to have other people take on this article. located at Science.org
15:33:45	 From pauline : thank you David Millar - excellent article which I skimmed and it is terrific. Others may want to look at this link about  plastic-eating Bacteria at https://microbewiki.kenyon.edu/index.php/Plastic-eating_Bacteria
15:43:39	 From Dale Dewar : Lively discussion - thanks to everyone but I must leave.
15:57:46	 From Rose Dyson : Thanks Metta. Good discussion.
16:00:26	 From Adam Wynne : tosavetheworld.ca
16:01:09	 From Adam Wynne : I have saved a copy and will send it out too.

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