Brad Bass


Since receiving his PhD in Geography from Penn State University, Dr. Brad Bass has spent his career in environmental research, environmental economics and environmental policy. In his professional life, Dr. Bass has contributed to agricultural meteorology, climate change adaptation, green infrastructure, urban energy use, reducing nutrient loads to aquatic systems, the costs of water pollution and agent-based simulation. Brad’s research team was an early pioneer in simulating the impact of green roofs on building energy consumption and co-authored a manual for constructing vertical biofilters for removing nutrients from residential wastewater. At the 2012 Cities Alive Conference, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to green roof research. 


From 2004-08, Dr. Bass led the development of the Canadian Climate Change Scenarios Network to provide climate model output for climate impact assessment.  From 2005-07, this work led to his participation in a task team under the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) that made climate model output and other data available to researchers studying the impacts of climate change. Dr. Bass is known for providing research opportunities to students and founded the COBWEB program for students to conduct original research into complex systems.

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