Episode 427 No Future for Future

Paul Dorfman has worked for UK, Ireland, and France as an adviser on nuclear energy, and he assures us that it is no solution to our climate change problems. It is too expensive, too slow to build, and too dangerous for too long a time. It will be vastly quicker and cheaper to develop wind and solar. Yes, the intermittency is a problem and we may have to adjust our behavior to live within its constraints for a time, but there is no real alternative. And that transition is occurring, and quicker than most people realize. He notes that the International Energy Agency report that by 2026 the world will have built enough wind and solar power to almost equal the amount now being produced by fossil fuels and nuclear combined. For the video, audio podcast, transcript and comments: https://tosavetheworld.ca/episode-427-no-future-for-nuclear. After watching, scroll down and add your thoughts to the comments column.


  • Paul Dorfman


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All anti nuclear propaganda. For truth on nuclear visit http://www.ecolo.org
There are 66 nuclear reactors. Nuclear energy has saved the lives of1.8 million lives by displacement coal. According to James Hanson and Columbia university. Regarding time to build Korea has build a nuclear power plant in 4 years 8 months. View the videos of Michael Shellenberger and Thorium videos on YouTube. Don’t forget the 2nd Fukushema plant that was shut down without incident it was shut down safely. Rolls Royce is designing SMR. Nuscale has a 300Mw. for sale know. For a good study on renewables got to
http://www.roadmaptonowhere.com and see their video.

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