Episode 471 Myths and Warfare

Jonathan Granoff and Ward Wilson are experts on nuclear weapons; Joan Kerr specializes in community gardening and IEEE, but they all discuss nukes during this schmooze session. Jonathan and Ward assert that they are the realists, whereas the hard-nosed nuclear weapons strategists are living according to several myths that are manifestly untrue. Ward shows that the Japanese did not surrender because of the bombing of Hiroshima but because the Japanese entered the war and were advancing rapidly at the same time as the atomic bombings began. For the video, audio podcast, transcript and comments: https://tosavetheworld.ca/epiaode-471-myths-and-warfare .


Jonathan Granoff

Ward Wilson

Joan Kerr


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The debate about whether Japan surrendered because the Soviets entered the war or because of the atomic bombings isn’t likely to be conclusively resolved. There are strong arguments for either or BOTH views. I think many of us abolitionists would like to prove the bombings had no political impact (and so “therefore” don’t provide an argument for deterrence and possession.) The point I’d make is that the historical record is there to look through; we need better arguments against nuclear weapons than the view that Japan “didn’t” capitulate because of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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