Episode 555 Global Town Hall Apr 2023

Tariq Rauf describes the seriously worsening threat of nuclear war during this conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The consensus of opinion is still pro-NATO in Europe, but the nuclear arms control treaties have been abrogated and all sides are warning of their intentions to “keep up” in any race. This includes China, which is building up rapidly now, so that the superpowers will be three. Peter Wadhams describes the extraordinary heating of the Arctic ocean now — up by 13 degrees! — and the fact that the scientists cannot explain it, so they tend not to talk about it as much as the shocking facts would seem to require. For the video, audio podcast, transcript, summary, and comments: https://tosavetheworld.ca/episode-555-global-town-hall-apr-2023.

Tariq Rauf

Alexey Prokhorenko

Andre Kamenshikov

Peter Wadhams

Erika Simpson


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