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On the last Sunday of every month (except for major holidays) Project Save the World holds an open Zoom meeting for activists everywhere in the world to discuss our concerns. From 2:00 to 4:00 pm Eastern (Toronto) time, enter this Zoom link on your browser:  Or the ID:  9108970203. The host will admit you without a password, but please keep your microphone muted except when called upon to speak.  Please do keep your camera on, however, for it is pointless to have a zoom conversation where the participants are invisible. There is no pre-determined agenda. After the show, the recording will be edited and uploaded to our Youtube channel within a week or so. The uploaded, edited version is always given a title like this: “The World in June 2021” and will be reduced to under one hour. 

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Good afternoon,
In order to resolve the war in Russia and Ukraine, the Putin regime would have to topple from inside.
In WWII, major countries banded together, but alas, China has their own corrupt regime with dilusions of grandeur, which keeps them from helping stop the war in Ukraine.
Both of these countries put profits of their leaders above the needs of their people. Bother have beaten down the will of their people for decades if not centuries. (They could do with the movies “Ghandi” and “A Bugs’ Life” played over and over in these countries?)
They are not the only countries around the would to do this, and it has many cultures reverting to this system when the times are getting harder. (Pandemic and global warming)
The people who have reaped them most money and created much of the global technical advances have done so at the suffering directly and indirectly of the people and the planet.
I don’t believe a few saplings can replace a Redwood, or the trees of the rain forest; or those in Africa where they are now taking them without concern for the planet.
Perhaps each building should have a tree minimum in developed areas?
The escape from Earth and the multitude of space satellites need to be examined too. It seems it’s okay that they emit radiation? And the burning power to send them up and leave them there is a good thing for mankind? Or are we just wrapping the Earth in foil like a baked potato? If so, our own hubris is to blame as I am writing this on my cell phone. It’s the best one I could find.
Air conditioners remove the heat from an area and expell it thus lowering the temperature inside and moving it to the outside. So a day in the 80’s becomes a day in the 90’s. The elderly and weak have it hard. Without water it will be much worse. Retention pond systems would help, but are we too late?
I enjoyed your town hall meeting on 7/30/23. I will be watching and hope to be of service, and pray we find the answers.

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