Global Town Hall​

On the last Sunday of every month (except for major holidays) Project Save the World holds an open Zoom meeting for activists everywhere in the world to discuss our concerns. From 2:00 to 4:00 pm Eastern (Toronto) time, enter this Zoom link on your browser:  Or the ID:  9108970203. The host will admit you without a password, but please keep your microphone muted except when called upon to speak.  Please do keep your camera on, however, for it is pointless to have a zoom conversation where the participants are invisible. There is no pre-determined agenda. After the show, the recording will be edited and uploaded to our Youtube channel within a week or so. The uploaded, edited version is always given a title like this: “The World in June 2021” and will be reduced to under one hour. 

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We produce several one-hour-long Zoom conversations each week about various aspects of six issues we address. You can watch them live and send a question to the speakers or watch the edited version later here or on our Youtube channel.