Peace Magazine

Project Save the World is an undertaking of Peace Magazine, a publication that since 1983 has been based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Editor: Metta Spencer.
Managing Editor: Ken Simons

The steering committee of Project Save the World consists of Drs. Barbara Birkett, Adele Buckley, Richard Denton, Paul Dowsett, Paul Meyer, Ronald St. John, Joanna Santa Barbara, and Metta Spencer.

Peace Magazine (ISSN 0826-9521) is published four times a year by the Canadian Disarmament Information Service (CANDIS). You can subscribe, renew, or donate on our website — —where there is also an archive of articles dating back to 1983.

Here is how you can reach the magazine and/or the campaign:

Mail: Box 248, Station P
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
M5S 2S7.
Phone: 1-416-789-2294

Subscribing to Peace Magazine

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Subscription prices:

$20 for one year, $33 for two, plus GST/HST.
United States
US$24 per year.
C$35 per year.

If you wish to distribute free copies at an event, ask us well in advance and expect to pay the shipping costs.

Most of our articles address peace issues. We also welcome submissions on all six global threats covered by Project Save the World, but no poetry or fiction.