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Global Warming
War and Weapons
Cyber Security
Radioactive Contamination
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Ole Hendrickson

Radioactive Contamination

Hugo Benedetti


Paul Meyer

Cyber Risks

David Burman

Global Warming

David Miller

Climate Change and Economy

James C. Simeon


Brad Bass

Global Warming

Shorena Lortkipanidze


John Feffer


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Project Save the World addresses six global threats to humanity and three policy sectors (economy, governance, and civil society). Here you will find an essay discussing each of these issues. If you scroll down below each overview essay, you’ll see the videos and a comment column.”


If you want to know more about the project and the people who produce this website, magazine, and talk show series, look here.

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Please share your own ideas here, as well as articles by others on the nine global issues.  You can also reply to the comments of others and attach photos to your posts. Welcome to this global dialogue.

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We produce several one-hour-long Zoom conversations each week about various aspects of six issues we address. You can watch them live and send a question to the speakers or watch the edited version later here or on our Youtube channel.

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We can’t keep up producing transcripts of all the talk shows we produce, but we try!  Here you can find a few, and we expect to add others later.


Wherever you are in the world, if you’re planning a public event about any of our nine issues, please publicize it here.