Alyn Ware


Alyn Ware is the Global Coordinator of Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament. He also serves as the Director of the Peace Foundation Wellington Office, Director of Aotearoa Lawyers for Peace and a Consultant at Large for the Lawyers’, Vice-President of the International Peace Bureau, on the Committee on Nuclear Policy (USA) and the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms.

Alyn is a Member of the New Zealand Public Advisory Committee on Disarmament and Arms Control and has been on government delegations to the 2000 Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference and the UNESCO Ministers of Education Conference in Geneva 2001 at which he was Head of Delegation. He has been awarded the 1996 UN International Year of Peace ( New Zealand) prize and the 2009 Right Livelihood Award in honour of his peace education and disarmament work. He is and is on the international boards of a number of other organizations including the Global Campaign for Peace Education, Abolition 2000 and the Middle Powers Initiative. He was also the UN Coordinator for the World Court Project.

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