Ownership & Funding Info

The magazine is owned by Canadian Disarmament Information Service (CANDIS). Our expenses are modest, since all the work is done by volunteers— mainly retired academics and professional journalists. We have at times received government grants – some from Canada’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and some from the Canada Magazine Fund, which assists small publications with grants for development and circulation promotion. We had a relationship for about 15 years with an academic association, Science for Peace, whereby they paid for a certain number of pages in each issue and participated in editing it. Nowadays we mostly work from home and our expenses are covered by a few advertisers and donors.

The weekly talk shows are virtually cost-free to produce, since the panelists sit at their home webcams. The only costs are the expense of advertising them. To our profound dismay, Facebook has lately refused most of our applications to boost the videos worldwide, which is the only form of distribution that can reach our international audience. Our work is motivated by concern for the well-being of humankind, for most of us no longer need to earn our living.

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