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21. Financial organizations shall support a just transition9 to a low carbon future, the SDGs, and peace.
22. Civil society alliances shall bring justice priorities to the agendas of major global organizations.10
23. Sub-national governments shall exercise leadership in global processes, networks, and institutions.11
24. Investors and regulators shall compel business12 to meet stringent human rights and climate standards.
25. Social movements and states shall prioritize Sustainable Common Security13 to address shared global challenges.

Click on the footnote number — where provided — for further information or clarification.


  1. Submitted by David Harries

    Enabling measures: what might be called for

    #21. A globally agreed definition of ‘green justice’ will recognize the need for complex financial compromises given no ‘justice’ can ever be totally green.[1]
    #22. Civil Society organizations and alliances will identify and promote a set of evolving ‘justice priorities’.
    #23. A Secretariat of sub-national governments will design and communicate effective leadership ways and means[2] to global organizations.
    #24. Gaps large and small, and contradictions in among criteria for HR and environmental ‘standards’ will be identified and prioritized for resolution.[3]
    #25. Definitions will exist for ‘sustainable’ and ‘common’ that recognize security is unique and different for every individual, community, state and international region.

    [1] Reparations for acts of egregious ‘green injustive’ will provoke significant social, political and financial disagreements.
    [2] Harries – on offer
    a) The Case for Leadingship
    b) Scenario: United Cities

    [3] An agent – institution or organization – governing a resolution must be credible, willing and capable of facilitating negotiations among diverse actors holding very strong views on complex and evolving issues.

  2. Submitted by Peter Hajnal:

    #21: how exactly would financial institutions (not just organizations; the G7 and G20 are institutions, not organizations) support transition to peace? Also, see footnote 9 is incomplete; why list just the G7 and G20? Better not to specify, just leave it at “52 finance organizations”.

    #23: footnote 11 should distinguish between target institutions and actors.

  3. #23 But a city council doesn’t have any influence over foreign policy. They have different jurisdictions.

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