Fact Checking Policy

Peace Magazine is a quarterly print publication. Before being accepted for publication, all submissions must be read and approved by two or more members of the editorial team, which meets for an evening twice monthly. We appraise some stories about “breaking news” — e.g. conferences at the United Nations, or a new report calling for a trillion new trees to be planted to limit global warming, or we present a transcript of our own interviews with a political leader.  At each editorial meeting, someone will always question a statement or rhetorical flourish in the text, and we immediately consult the Internet or phone a scholar friend before editing the text. Sometimes an editor will take an article home and work it over before sending it back to us. As a magazine, when we publish footnotes, we do not show them in the magazine but indicate where to find them on our website. We invite readers to write to us and we invariably publish their critical remarks in the letters column on the next issue.
Peace Magazine now offers two other informative services: a daily “talk show” broadcast Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter,  and the maintenance of this website, https://tosavetheworld.ca where experts can share news about the risks of six global threats to humankind: war and weapons; global warming; famine; pandemics; massive radiation exposure; and cyberattacks.

The talk show takes form as an educational video and audio podcast. Our editor spends an hour discussing a particular global problem with one or several experts or activists who are knowledgeable about that issue. We record the conversation on Zoom, edit it, make a podcast from the sound track, and post the video and podcast on our Facebook page, YouTube, and our website, https://tosavetheworld.ca/videos . Sometimes the transcript is published as a dialogue in the print publication, Peace Magazine.
Once in a while, during the editing of the video, we discover that someone has mis-spoken. The erroneous passage is either deleted or a new voice track “patch” is made with the corrected information. As soon as the recordings have been posted online, we email many posters out and boost the video worldwide on Facebook and Twitter. Each talk show Is about a social issue that should concern everyone in the world, not just a local or national constituency. We never advocate in favor or against any political party or candidate, but each of our discussions addresses one of the serious world problems of the day.

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