Move the Nuclear Weapons Money

Contact:  Parliamentarians Network for Nuclear Disarmament .

One trillion dollars is being spent to modernize the nuclear arsenals of nine countries over the next 10 years.  This money could instead be used to help end poverty, protect the climate, build global peace and achieve the sustainable development goals.

Help us move the nuclear weapons money to better purposes! Move the Nuclear Weapons Money campaign is promoting nuclear weapons divestment. Partner organizations hold similar campaigns on divestment from fossil fuels and conventional weapons industries.

The anti-nuclear weapons campaign has been boosted by the UN Global Compact adding nuclear weapons to its list of excluded investments, and the UN Human Rights Committee adopting General Comment 36, which affirms that the threat or use of nuclear weapons violates the Right to Life. Activists are also referring to the 2017 Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (‘Ban Treaty’) and the International Court of Justice 1996 nuclear weapons case to convince their cities, universities, governments, pension funds and banks to end their investments in nuclear weapons.

While governments meet at the United Nations for United Nations Disarmament Week and the UN General Assembly, Oct 24-30, 2019, we’re going to count the money by hand— $100 million per minute in $1million dollar notes, in front of the United Nations and at other publicly visible places in New York City. Counting will take seven days and nights. You can help! Join a team of two to count for half an hour or more. Teams will include people of all ages, nations, backgrounds; celebrities, activists, politicians, UN officials, diplomats, artists, religious leaders, sportspeople, refugees and others. 

Here are links to a few other like-minded projects:

World Beyond War’s Campaign to Divest from the War Machine:

CalSTRS: Divest from General Dynamics

Don’t Bank on the Bomb

National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee

Author: Richard Paul

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Counting the Nuclear Weapons Money!
Here’s Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) giving a mock million dollar note to Alyn Ware, Director of the Basel Peace Office and Co-founder of Move the Nuclear Weapons Money. Rgoer says that it should be used to support children, peace and the environment – not nuclear weapons. (Image by Basel Peace Office)