This page is for those with expertise in, or a particular interest in, the prevention of pandemics.

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15. WHO shall promote nations’ use of Incident Management System6 for early detection and response to pandemics.
16. UN shall adopt a ‘one health approach’ integrating veterinary and environmental science7 to mitigate pandemics.


  1. Submitted by David Harries

    Pandemics: what might be called for

    15. A WHO ‘office’ will harmonize states’ very different abilities to deploy the IMS effectively at home and beyond.
    16. The goal will be interoperability[1] – not integration – of veterinary, environmental and public health policies and procedures.

    [1] Interoperability, unlike integration, preserves the inherent validity of all participating individuals and organizations by allowing them to perform at their best and be recognized for their strengths.

  2. Almost all pandemics now result from contact with animals that have a partiular virus the jumps into the human population. People are clearing jungle and living closer to animals, so the risks are increasing. One approach is to prevent the transmission by having a more active corps of veterinarians studying animal diseases in the wild. If they can find the sick ones before the virus jumps into humans, and if they can cure them in their natural environment, they can prevent pandemics. We would send veterinarians out there, not for the sake of the monkeys but for ourselves, and we’d have to work with environmentalists and climate chang experts to identify the places where these problms are most likely to arise.

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