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Thank you Metta for convening the Town Hall meetings. My email address is Alyn Ware

My first post on this topic was 1/27/21. No rebuttals.
The K-T atmospheric balance diagram and all of its clones require the surface of the earth to radiate upwelling LWIR as a S-B black body to supply the “extra” energy needed by the GHGs to trap/absorb/delay/intercept and “back” radiate/re-emit thereby warming the terrestrial system.
This not only violates the LoT but generally accepted accounting principles.
Anyone who can balance their checkbook and have used a fan and/or water mist to cool some object can grasp how/why separate BB upwelling LWIR is not possible and the radiative greenhouse effect cannot actually function as advertised.

I’ll post the annotated K-T diagram when I know what type and size will work.


We have now a completely new situation, a situation which never existed in the whole of our, of humans history! It’s the threat of an imminent and planetary self-annihilation due to the climate catastrophe, just to mention that in the mean time an – so called – ‘Abrupt Climate Change’, can happen, which can be up to 18°C after a cascade.. Not to mention an ecological breakdown due to other factors of money-driven human behaviour. So factually, we as humanity are now dealing with a very new enemy that is forcing us to unite as a whole world! Which is just one factor why we can’t fight against the catastrophe of likely timely self-annihilation, within and in while maintaining the monetary world system that keeps the world divided. Against this enemy, we must take measures that humanity has never accomplished before, at a speed similar to that of the times of world wars but closely united globally, putting all major conflicts on the back burner.. And which can be carried out only if the world organization of the monetary world system, our present organizational auxiliary means, is transferred at short notice, within months, on global networking prepared for it, even if this is considered illusory, it is in fact the last option left to humanity to save our existence… This is the factual situation for the oligarchies, the financially rich & super-rich, as well as for the financially poorer strata of the world population. To cut to the chase, the… Read more »

My comment, by the way, dealt with tilling of the soil.My father,on his farm,used buckwheat to condition the soil,and manure to fertilize it. Metta has the actual comment.

If we live in a democracy, why should I have to be approved?
I have made my comment to Metta personally.bja

Re video number 246, Scrubbing Methane from the Air Hi, Renaud and Oswald: I have been thinking about your ISA plan, which will take several years and at least $25 million to test. I don’t think the world can wait so long, and I don’t think that much money is required in order to test your notion. Wheat farmers are using drones for crop dusting nowadays. Drones vary in price enormously. You can buy a mini one for under $100, and the ones they use for crops for $5,000, though these only stay up for about 20 minutes at a time. But they are developing drones that can stay up 25 hours. I bet you could hire a housewife or unemployed narcotics trafficker in the Caribbean for $15 per hour who would spend every day keeping, say, four or five drones in the air at all times, spraying stuff in every direction. I don’t know how much of the ISA you were planning to spew out of your smokestack-tower per hour, but I bet you could emit that much for $200,000 per year, starting within six months, if the ISA itself isn’t too pricey. Is the machine expensive that you’d need to monitor your results? Some cities have laws now restricting the heights that drones are allowed to fly, to prevent collisions with planes, but I doubt that every Caribbean island has such laws. Unfortunately, I can’t see how you would make that into a profitable business. You have stockholders in AMR. What do they… Read more »

Dear Metta,

we think about a public trial which will cost 1.5 million USD only. It will feature a small tower of around 50 m height. Drones are not apt for ISA dispersal because they use lots of fuel and can carry only very small payloads.
With regards to profit please refer to our website where we explain how methane removal certificates would work to ensure that a methane removal plant can indeed be turned into a profitable business.


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Thanks for inviting me to your show, Glen.

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I wonder whether this is American-oriented or suitable for people in Europe and South America.

To summarize, there are 3 methods, I worked out thanks to Adam’s guidance. 1) Comment in Youtube under the numbered video if you have immediate resources, recent news reports or personal observations. I did this for videos 174 and 200 because Metta had told me my emails to her would be more useful if added once the videos were uploaded. What seems to be impossible is to publish comments on the or pages contrary to what the the boxes say. I strongly suggest rewording the boxes: “Then you can discuss by posting your comments on Youtube at: 2) If you have longterm bibliography or other resources, comment under individual topics listed in the OVERVIEW PAGES. I will probably do this for one or two areas where I am knowledgeable, such as Famine — Metta already suggested I do some rewriting there. 3) If you have longterm analysis with bibliography that is not related to any of the OVERVIEW PAGES, it is possible to start a new topic with a Subject stated in boldface following the directions in “To Post a Comment” but this would not be easily read by users of the videos despite what that box says. It would land unread amid a general catch-all of Town Hall chat. At the moment I can’t think of any overwhelmingly important new topic, that is not covered in method 1 or 2. And if I ever use method 3 I will probably just make it a one-para abstract of a much more thorough Google doc (with tiny.url link), where I’m not restricted by WordPress coding. I’ll… Read more »

David, I was able to get to this and post it here. The problem is, it puts all of the comments about different videos into one column. I think we need to have a way to tell which video a comment is referring to.

Visions of resilience is a compilation of several hundred NGO and ecologists’ proposals, mapped on the SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals). Not because the SDGs are the best answer or a final one, but to allow meaningful comparison. At the beginning, I have added a new goal 0: a culture of resilience: work by artists, psychologists, activists and NGO researchers, which SDG4 (education) does not adequately cover. Visions was drafted during the UN debates of 2010-2015, revised several times since. This is a collaborative document. Readers are invited to add to it; I have avoided duplicating entries of ideas that crosscut a number of SDGs, but you the reader are welcome to do add or duplicate any item you think important. You are also invited to compare it with‘s Platform for Survival. There may be items missing from one overview that complement the other, such as the Platform’s planks on war, radioactive, and cyber risks.

Hello. This is a test comment.

And this is my test answer.

two years in a row, i flew west to the far east and transferred planes in Hong Hong.. flights were hard to find and seats were very full. My seat mates told me that they were culturally oligate to come home for new years. most come home for the mothe. this is the end of jan to the end of feb basicaly. all forms of ground transport in China nearly grinds to a halt with th pressure of all this travel. Yet China was fully aware of an infection in Nov. prior, and did not stop travel, and all these north americans came back before travel was stopped… I am not blaming the individuals. we are encouraged to take a multitude of vaccines prior to travelling…but we pop here and there with no health concerns in a normal year,… im just saying travel is not a privilege to be taken lightly, and should be given quarantine etc time going forward.

I think everyone should be expected to carry evidence of being vaccinated now that vaccine is available. Nobody should get on a plane without proof that they are safe.

The US, Brazil, India, Mexico and Peru accounted for almost half of the global C-19 deaths.
The UK, Italy, Russia, France and Columbia rounded out the top ten leaders in C-19 deaths.
These TOP TEN accounted for almost TWO-THIRDS of the global C-19 deaths.
What is their special talent? Or is it just crappy healthcare?
Densely populated Japan has less than 14,000 C-19 deaths. What do they know and do the rest of the world does not?
How is that a widespread, contagious, lethal pandemic?
Is China is lying by undercounting its 4,600 deaths?
Or are the US and Fauci lying by overcounting and conflating comorbidities?
Government + MSM = lying.

Almost 30% of C-19 deaths occurred in residence, hospice or nursing/eldercare facilities.
86.4% of C-19 CASES were among those UNDER 65.
80% of C-19 DEATHS occurred among those OVER 65+.
30% of C-19 DEATHS were among those OVER 85 with only 2% of the population.
Over the past 18 months there were 4,670,000 DEATHS from ALL causes. At 583,000 C-19 deaths were only 12.5%.
Over 70% of ALL deaths involved those OVER 65 years of age. That demographic is only 16.5% of the population.

Mother Nature and her good buddy Grim Reaper were just doing their duty, culling the herd of the too many, too old, too sick, too crammed together in badly run (BLUE) elder care facilities.

Version 1.0 062021

Further evidence to back up Franklyn’s concerns about methane Bulletin of Atomic Scientists not just in the Arctic but off the West Coast and subject to release by earthquakes methane release already underway, not from clathrates but from tundra

Off the West Coat too? Really! I hear that the depth of the ocean is crucial.Where it is deep the methane cannot reach the surface. It is absorbed on the way up. But in Siberia off the coast, the water is very shallow, so it is coming up in plumes.

these farmers are having the screws to them, because the laws coming forward will increase monoculture, not permaculture, and insist that fields be planted with stuff like monsanto grain, which cant be saved from crop and must be purchased… and on and on. why cant they wear turbans? why cant they be middle class and still be prosecuted like our farmers wereyears ago here in canad. now it is imposible to family farm in canada; only mega farms survive with these policies

Global Warming and Albedo (For Craig Smith’s video)
Nick Schroeder   17 hours ago
1) By reflecting away 30% of ISR the albedo, which would not exist w/o the atmosphere, makes the earth cooler than it would be without the atmosphere like that reflective panel set on the dash. Remove the atmosphere/GHGs and the earth becomes much like the moon, a 0.1 albedo, 20% more kJ/h, hot^3 on the lit side, cold^3 on the dark. Nikolov, Kramm (U of AK) and UCLA Diviner mission all tacitly agree.
2) the GHG up/down welling, “trapping”/”back” radiating/delaying, 100 % efficient, perpetual warming loop requires “extra” energy which it gets from
3) the terrestrial surface radiating that “extra” energy as a near ideal .95 emissivity black body which
4) it cannot do because of the non-radiative heat transfer processes of the contiguous atmospheric molecules.
1+2+3+4 = 0 Greenhouse Effect + 0 Greenhouse gas warming + 0 man caused climate change.
All science backed up by experiment, the gold standard of classical science.

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